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Yebba Ft. A$AP Rocky – Far Away


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The 26-year-old singer and songwriter endured a family tragedy on the journey between tasting viral success and assembling a complete artistic vision with Mark Ronson.

The singer and songwriter Yebba has a story she tells about the moment she realized she was fated to pursue a career in music.

It was the summer after her freshman year of college, and she was working at a warehouse, taking apart laptops. She’d started posting clips of her singing to Instagram, and they were beginning to get traction around the internet. One day after work, she was jogging alongside a bean field near her childhood home in Arkansas, and thinking about what the future might entail, when it happened.

After around five years of focusing on her mental health, navigating the pitfalls of the music industry and recording take after take until listening back to her singing was no longer what she called “very embarrassing,” she will release her debut LP, “Dawn,” on Friday. And the spiritual connection that guided Yebba to her career has helped her take her time, regardless of how many people have said “hurry up.”

“I just don’t give a damn,” she said of the expectations placed on her as her career has slowly taken shape. Over two interviews Yebba spoke with consideration and purpose, often pausing for several seconds to collect a thought. Occasionally, she would tear up when the conversation turned serious, only to crack a joke a moment later. At one point, she showed off some of the art hanging in her Chelsea apartment: an abstract painting by the artist Sean Shrum, and a green print she jokingly brushed off as “a basic bitch purchase from Anthropologie.”

“They can’t haze me, because I didn’t sign up for a sorority,” she said. “But I did sign up to create things with other people’s money, and that’s all anybody can ask of me — that’s all I can ask of myself, is to hold true to what I’ve agreed to do so far. And the second I’m called to do something else, I’m gone.”

Mark Ronson, who produced “Dawn,” said Yebba is steadfast in her taste. “You’re never going to get a sound or a color or a tone past Yebba that she doesn’t like,” he said. “She put her trust in me, but only in the name of realizing her vision.”


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