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While testifying in court, Bugzy Malone denies charges of bodily harm: report

by Daddie

While testifying in court, Bugzy Malone denies charges of bodily harm: report

Three years ago, the rapper from the United Kingdom got into a fight with two individuals he thought were attempting to break into his home. Later, he was charged with two counts.

A 2018 incident involving Bugzy Malone is being weighed in court. At the time, the U.K. rapper’s home was allegedly being broken into and when he confronted the people said to have been involved, Bugzy, real name Aaron Davies, got into a physical altercation. He was charged with two counts of unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm, but Bugzy insists that he was acting in self-defense.

The rapper testified in court that his mother and his then-girlfriend were at his home when his neighbor, Paul Potter, called him to say that there were two men trying to break into his property. His girlfriend was reportedly “terrified” and the rapper told his mother to call the police.

Bugzy claimed that when he arrived home, he saw Potter confronting the suspects. “I jumped out of the car and ran over to the confrontation and straight to Paul. I was concerned the men were going to do something to Paul,” he testified. “I then asked Paul ‘Are these the guys who broke into the house?’ and, as I said that, one of the men had come towards me – he was kind of on a side angle to me – and he threw his arms in front of him. I stepped back as he stepped towards me and, reflex really, I hit him.”

The man landed on Potter’s van before falling to the ground, and then Bugzy claimed that the man’s friend appeared, wanting to fight.

“It all happened very quickly. The closer I got to the situation I could tell these guys were not interested in talking,” he added. A witness reportedly told the court that while the first man was on the ground, Bugzy kicked him in the head “like a football.” The rapper denied the claim.

Additionally, a teenage girl called her parents to tell them that the rapper was chasing her and her friends down the street. The unnamed minor said that there was a boy who climbed Bugzy’s fence was there for a while, shouting the rapper’s name before they were chased off.

After she told her parents, her father, the boy’s father, and another person returned to the rapper’s residence for a confrontation. The girl’s father reported threw a brick through Bugzy’s gate and was convicted of causing criminal damage. Prosecutors painted Bugzy to be a rage-filled man who couldn’t control himself. Bugzy has denied the charges against him.

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