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Turning A New Leaf: Vinny And Maria Squashed Their Double Shot At Love ‘Awkwardness’

by YAGI1

until tonight’s Double Shot at Love episode, Vinny and Maria, as well as DJ Pauly D and Nikki, had not spoken since everyone was reunited in Las Vegas. But that all changed when Vinny decided he was “sick of all this awkwardness” and opted to chat with Maria. Being lit after a night out at Drai’s will help get the ball rolling…

“I feel like I shouldn’t have to be the first one to go up to you in any regard,” Maria told Vin. She then referenced Vinny choosing Alysse during Season 1, adding, “I wasn’t the one who hurt anybody or lied to anybody.”

“You turned into a f*cking troll,” he responded about her tweets regarding him after the conclusion of Double Shot Season 1. “There’s a million trolls, but if you do it, it hurts.”

He elaborated about Alysse: “I’m sorry it didn’t f*cking work out. We were talking a little bit and we were trying to continue it, but then it just didn’t turn into nothing. It didn’t have anything to do with you. Why are you talking so much crap about me? You called me a f*cking lame a** b*tch. Like, what the f*ck?”

Maria conceded that he was “right” and that it was between him and Alysse.

“Sometimes I say sh*t that I shouldn’t say,” she admitted. “I have a mouth on me when I’m mad, and I’m trying to work on [it]. Sorry — I f*cked up.”

Vinny appreciated her apology and said it took a “big person” to do what she did. Then they exchanged a hug, even though she was wearing a spiky bra.



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