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Taylor Gang Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Young Deji, & Feezy – Oh Wow


Taylor Gang Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Young Deji, & Feezy – Oh Wow My Mp3 Download & Lyrics –

Wiz Khalifa has shared a new song “Oh Wow” with Young Deji and Feezy.

Directed by Wiz and Taj Stansberry, the video sees the three Taylor Gang rappers poolside, hanging with their crew and a group of beautiful women.

Wiz hasn’t been releasing that much music as of late. Back in March, the Pittsburgh rapper dropped off an updated version of 2011’s “Hopes & Dreams” with a new verse from Nipsey Hussle—and was included on the Rolling Papers 10-year anniversary deluxe edition. Wiz also appeared on Problem’s song “4 the Low” back in February, and his Taylor Gang label released Taylor Nights earlier this year.

The Taylor Gang roster knows how to have a good time, and today marks the arrival of their new smooth banger “Oh Wow,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, Young Deji, and Feezy. As one might have come to expect given Wiz’s involvement, this one is decidedly lacking in urgency — it’s part of their charm, as Taylor Gang has never been known to cave under pressure.

While some might not be on board for Taylor Gang’s perpetual state of chill, “Oh Wow” is executed with precision, a crisp and clean drop that is decidedly straightforward on a lyrical front. All parties know exactly what they want — best summarized by women, weed, and weather, with the latter two flagged as “top priority.” Check out this new one now, especially if you’re a loyal Wiz fan.

Quotable Lyrics

She wants to party and me too,
She said I’m big on the YouTube
I found the spot like I’m Blues Clues



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