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Stephen A. Smith Explains Why He Wanted Max Kellerman to Leave “First Take”

by Daddie

Stephen A. Smith came clean about Max Kellerman’s “First Take” exodus.

Only a few weeks ago, it was reported that Max Kellerman was departing ESPN’s First Take, and that Stephen A. Smith was the man behind the move. There were reports that Smith disliked Kellerman and wanted the boxing commentator to be fired from the broadcast right now. Smith eventually replied to the claims, stating that they were false. Kellerman was then fired from the show, and he was replaced by Tim Tebow and Michael Irvin.

Smith is now retracting his prior remarks and admitting his intention to have Kellerman removed off the show. As he recently told Ebro and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97, he and Max just no longer had chemistry, and he believed that things needed to alter quickly for the program to prosper. While Kellerman disagreed, Smith was ultimately responsible for setting the wheels in motion.

“In terms of me wanting him off the show, the rumor is true. Let’s get that out of the way first: yeah, I did “According to Stephen A. “We do not have a strained relationship. I believe he’s a really kind person, and I respect what he accomplished for the program; we were number one for five years and stayed there, which I admire. It wasn’t so much about asking him to leave the show as it was about the fact that I realized we weren’t a good team anymore and that something needed to happen.”

Moving forward, First Take will have a completely new feel to it, although, as always, Smith will be front and center. At this point, the show is far cry from the days of Skip Bayless.

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