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Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley Take it out on Ben Simmons.

by Daddie

Shaq and Charles Barkley believe Ben Simmons should not want a trade.
Ben Simmons, who is in a contract dispute with the Philadelphia 76ers, has been perhaps the greatest story of the NBA summer thus far. Simmons and the Sixers have been going towards a nasty divorce after a terrible postseason performance, and at this point, Simmons has demanded a trade. The Sixers can’t seem to find any takers right now, which is generating concern for the club as the regular season approaches.

Shaq chatted with Charles Barkley about the incident on an episode of his podcast, and as you can expect, they are blaming Simmons. As Shaq pointed out, the onus is on Simmons to improve, but he doesn’t appear to want to accept responsibility.

“You’re not very good. You must improve your game in order to be excellent. Don’t post photographs of your Ferrari or the starlet you’re hanging out with on Instagram “Shaq said. “When you play for a hard-working town like Philadelphia, Boston, L.A., or Miami, they don’t give a damn about any of that. They want you to come in, work hard, and have a good time.”

Barkley reiterated these comments, claiming that Simmons’ attitude to the matter has been “very disappointing.”

“When you give somebody $200 million to dribble a stupid basketball and the only thing you ask him is be better as a player, and their first response is, ‘I don’t want to play here anymore,’ that disappoints me as a player. It disappoints me as a fan,” he said.

The Simmons situation is ongoing, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates from the basketball world.

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