Following in the footsteps of McDonald’s Saweetie and Travis Scott meals, Burger King has announced that it will be collaborating with a group of celebrities on their own customized orders, including Anitta and Lil Huddy.

Also on the list is none other than Nelly, also known by his real name, Cornell Haynes Jr., who will be offering fans a Whopper with cheese, small fries, and a small Sprite as a part of his meal, Complex reports.

As it turns out, Burger King is actually using the celebrity collaboration as a way to launch their new “Keep It Real” program, which promotes the comapny’s current push towards banning artificial ingredients.

“We know our guests’ expectations are changing, and they want to make choices they can feel good about,” Chief Executive Marketing Officer Ellie Doty shared.

Recently, the fast food giant announced that they have a list of over 100 items that they will no longer be using in the making of their products.

“By banning these 120 ingredients from our food, we’re offering guests an easy choice – delicious food made with quality ingredients. We’re confident that our ongoing commitment to real food will not only provide guests with the food they’re looking for, but also set a standard for the industry overall.”

Details about Anitta and Lil Huddy’s “Keep It Real” meals have yet to be released, although Complex notes that they’ll be available in store as of Sunday, September 12th.

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