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Logic – Call Me

by YAGI1

American rapper, singer, songwriter, author, streamer, and record producer In the meantime, Logic has been teasing the third installment of his Bobby Tarantino album series over the past few weeks with these newly-released singles, specifically on ‘Vaccine’, where he raps, “Ready to f*ck up the game, BT3 now we at it again, mane.” We’ll have to wait and see what the rapper has in store for us on BT3.

Yet it mustn’t be forgotten that Logic is a student of the game, and stepping away for an extended period of time is seldom as straightforward a process as one might think. It truly wasn’t long before he once again felt the call of the booth, and now we’re in the middle of a full-blown album rollout. And so it continues with the announcement of “Call Me” a brand new single following up his recent release of “Get Up.”


Saying little other than “Friday,” Logic made it clear that he’s coming back with a vengeance, allowing the music to speak for itself. As such, there’s really nothing to know about “Call Me” quite yet, though it will be interesting to see how it sounds in comparison to the tracks we’ve heard so far.


Rapper Logic has slowly been teasing the third iteration of his Bobby Tarantino album series, with the campaign now seemingly in full swing. The single is on the mellow side, with more focus on the lyrics and vocals than the 6ix, PSTMN and Tyler Murphy backed beat. The wavy track showcases Logic’s signing and use of acoustic guitar. Logic even takes a shot at his label with “I walk up out of Def Jame Like fuck yall pay up”.


In the past few months, the rapper has offered new music here and there which seemed as a warm up to an upcoming release. He also made a duo with producer Madlib called MadGic and dropped a few songs including the latest one ‘Mafia Music‘. He doesn’t say much in the tweet except “Friday” which obviously means he’s releasing something new on June 18th. Whether it’s a single, a whole solo album or his MadGic project with Madlib, we aren’t quite sure yet. Stay tuned. As a musician, Logic released six studio albums and received two Grammy Award nominations.

Quotable Lyrics:

I know sometimes shit can get crazy and out of control

I know sometimes this world reminds us we should take it slow

Weight of the world make it impossible to stay afloat

And the demons we battle with make it harder to cope

Why you think we get addicted to alcohol and dope?

Addiction’s like a mud bath without a bar of soap

In other words it’s impossible to stay clean

For people like us bein’ happy is just a daydream but

Beyond drugs, it’s even day to day shit

Constantly comparin’ yourself to others and they shit

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