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Doja Cat Launches Debut ‘Planet Doja’ NFT Collection

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Doja Cat Introduces Her First NFT Collection, “Planet Doja”

Doja Cat is the most recent musician to join the NFT bandwagon.

To launch her inaugural NFT line, the multi-Platinum singer and rapper has teamed up with OneOf, a green NFT platform. Quincy Jones, along with other A-list artists and environmental organizations, have sponsored OneOf, which is built on the Tezos blockchain. They want to make NFTs more accessible to fans by making them available for purchase using credit and debit cards in 150 FIAT currencies, as well as Tez (XTZ) and other major cryptocurrencies.


Below are the details of the NFT collection:

Drop first of Doja Cat’s Genesis Collection, “Planet Doja” (inspired by her chart-topping album), will be available on OneOf.com today, with Drops 2 and 3 following tomorrow and Friday. The first batch of Planet Doja tokens includes over 26,000 limited-edition collectibles, with the gold tier Flower tokens and platinum tier Elemental tokens going on sale today for $5. Every gold tier NFT in this genesis collection has a chance to win an immediate “golden ticket” to a Doja Cat performance, while Platinum tier NFTs have a chance to win a “VIP golden ticket” that includes concert tickets and VIP experiences.

The rarer diamond tier Elemental token, which comes with a guaranteed “VIP golden ticket,” and the coveted “OneOf” tier, a single edition token available for auction only, will be included in Drops 2 and 3.

The single one-of-a-kind NFT includes a VIP all-expenses-paid authentic “Doja Cat” experience for two (2) people to one of Doja Cat’s forthcoming tour concerts, which includes flight, lodging, and excursions to her favorite locations as well as dining at one of her favorite restaurants. This is the first-ever “OneOf One” NFT minted on the OneOf.com platform, and it comes with unique powers and privileges that no other NFT has: it promises the bearer one (1) Gold tier NFT from every future curated music artist drop on OneOf’s platform, at no cost, forever.

Starting September 20, owners of any Doja Cat NFT will be recognized as founding Kittizens of Planet Doja and get access to the members-only OneOf Planet Doja Discord group, where they may engage daily for a chance to win lavish prizes, airdrops, and goods.

“I’m not that knowledgeable with NFTs. But I do know that they may be harmful to the environment and expensive. Mine is not going to work. Check out my first NFT collection on OneOf.com right now,” Doja Cat said of her inaugural NFT collection.

“Until today, NFTs were generally exclusively accessible to high-end collectors. Lin Dai, CEO and Co-Founder of Doja Cat, says, “We are pleased to debut Doja Cat’s collection today, which is created for lovers of any economic or technological background.” “OneOf was created with the goal of being the most inclusive NFT platform possible. We assist artists in utilizing this exciting new technology to connect and share digital and in-person experiences with their genuine fans, and we provide fans the option of purchasing an NFT using FIAT or cryptocurrency.”


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