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Lil Durk – My Confession


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Durk Derrick Banks, better known by his stage name Lil Durk, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and, record executive. He is the lead member and founder of the collective and record label, Only the Family.

At 28, Lil Durk is only two years older than Lil Baby, though he comes from another era entirely. When he was still a teenager in the early 2010s, Durk recorded many of the songs that would make drill music a phenomenon in Chicago and then nationwide; Def Jam signed him, intent on packaging the sound for a mass audience, then botched his debut. Instead of disappearing from the pop charts or from rap’s stylistic cutting edge, Durk gritted his teeth and kept working. He moved to Los Angeles, he cut a better album for Def Jam, and he doubled down on the mixtape ethos that drove his career in its early stages. In 2017, six years after his breakthrough with I’m a Hitta, he moved again—this time to Atlanta, which had become the unquestionable center of the hip-hop industry. It was around this time that Lil Baby had finally entered the picture.

While Durk was hopping across the country and trying to refine his commercial approach, Lil Baby, a native Atlantan, was in and out of jail on a series of drug charges. He was also poised and preternaturally cool—which might explain why his longtime friend, Young Thug, would pay Baby whatever money he might make during a day in the streets to come to the studio instead. When he did commit to music, it was an onslaught: Baby dropped five solo records in 19 months, an instant favorite of fans, and then critics. Last year, his phenomenally engrossing album My Turn and the Grammy-nominated protest single “The Bigger Picture” made him perhaps the hottest rapper alive. Lil Baby and Durk’s new joint album, The Voice of the Heroes, is not quite a marquee work for either artist, though it is reliably consistent and casts them as a natural pair—near-ideal complements to one another in writing and execution.


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