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Ken Car$on – Please Don’t Leave


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Atlanta top rated recording artist Ken Carson come through with a brand new single which he tagged “Please Don’t Leave” this track is a love song.

Kenyatta Frazier Jr., better known by his stage name Ken Car$on, is an American recording artist and producer from South Atlanta, Georgia.

Quotable Lyrics :

Please don’t leave me alone, baby
I don’t know what I’d do with you
I don’t know what you’d do without me
I count all these racks just for me and you
I get to the bag just for you and me
I know I don’t brag about you and me
And I don’t post you on Twitter or IG
‘Cause we got what they want and I know they envy
And our conversations be runnin’ real deep
She say when she talk, I’m never listenin’
But I give her good dick, that’s why she’ll never leave me alone
Ring, ring, your bitch callin’ my phone
She ask where I’m at, I’m at home
Yeah, these hoes, they can’t leave me alone
Bitch, I’m too high, I’m smokin’ on strong
I get high just to get in my zone



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