Doctor Narrates Encounter With ‘Ghost’ While Sleeping At Colleague’s House, Others Share Scary Experiences

Frightening tales of ghosts, demons and goblins have been shared by people since time immemorial. Although these supernatural experiences have usually been met with doubts, they have persisted throughout history.

A medical doctor has shared one of such stories of an encounter with a ‘ghost’ while sleeping over at a colleague’s house in July.

The doctor who tweets with the handle @Maxvayshia explained that while sleeping, he heard the dog bark around 10:35pm with noise at the gate.

He said he went outside then saw a male figure standing in the shadows but claimed that the figure ‘just faded’ when he tried to walk towards it.

The Doctor revealed that he searched everywhere but the environment was silent with a few leaves floating in the air.

Read his story below;

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