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Bryson Tiller – One Sided

by YAGI1

Bryson Tiller closed out last year with the release of his Anniversary album which fans loved a lot more than his sophomore. Within a week of the album dropping, Tiller announced that he was releasing another before the end of 2020, but it didn’t end up happening. In February though, he revealed some big information about it. It’s going to be called Serenity and will be a triple disc. One side, being Rap, another being R&B and another being Pop

While we await that, tonight the Louisville artist has released a new loosie on SoundCloud. It’s called ‘One Sided’ and it’s produced by 30Roc, Bass Charity, Hue Strother and DaBlackMic.

Quotable Lyrics:

I just did things that keep you guessing, well there’s no more guessing

You just gotta see my side, please try (please try)

I know you felt weak for a while, but now I see why

I know why you wanted to keep me around

But I don’t like to see you down

I wanna be the reason you smile

Now you leaving the house, ah

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