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Bring Me the Horizon – DiE4u Mp3 Download & Lyrics –

Bring Me the Horizon – DiE4u Mp3 Download | official Audio, Top rated British rock band formed in Sheffield in 2004, Bring Me The Horizon has launched the next chapter of their ‘Post Human’ era with the release of new single ‘DiE4u’.

Bring Me the Horizon – DiE4u Mp3 Audio, Depending on which social media channel you head to, Bring Me The Horizon are teasing all sorts of bits related to their upcoming single DiE4u.

On the Sheffield titans’ Instagram, they’re giving fans a peek at what is presumably the track’s gritty-looking official music video – plus the caption, ​U kNO yOu’RE eVERytH1NG i haTE’, which could well be some lyrics. Via Twitter, meanwhile, frontman Oli Sykes is showing off his language talents – again, with what could be a reference to the single’s lyrics.

TikTok is definitely the most informative of the lot, though, with an actual snippet of the single in which you can hear Oli singing, ​You know that I’d die for, I’d cry for / You know that I’d die for you / You know that I’d breathe for, I’d bleed for / You know that I’d breathe for you.’

Back in April, Oli enthused of new music, ​There’s Bring Me The Horizon fans that love amo, there’s Bring Me The Horizon fans that just love our first record… it’s not like we’re going to write records that sound like any of those, but I appreciate that some people just wanna listen to fucking aggressive music, some people wanna listen to more emotional music and stuff. And we’re the same! So rather than trying to cram all of that into one record, I feel like Survival Horror had a vibe – the whole record had a very dense vibe – so it’s like each record is gonna be more like that: the second record will be whatever the vibe we land on, it’s gonna be in that realm… the people we work with, the guests we have on there, they’re probably going to come more from that world. It’s kind of exciting for us; it gives us full creative freedom.”

Speaking to Kerrang! late last year about BMTH’s planned Post Human series, Jordan Fish explained: ​We’ve been writing on and off for quite a while, so there’s a lot of material that’s being worked on. But we haven’t properly got into the rhythm of writing the next EP yet, we’ll probably do that in the New Year. The whole thing’s different to how we planned. We planned to do four EPs in a year, but the last one was almost an album, so I think the spacing will be a bit longer than intended, just because they’re probably going to turn out bigger than intended. That doesn’t matter, as long as they’re all really good.”

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Quotable Lyrics:

  • I keep holding my breath for a miracle
  • Hoping the hole in my heart would heal somehow
  • Got me so fucking close to the edge right now
  • You know you’re everything I hate
  • Wish I could escape
  • Cause you know that I’d die for you



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