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Anita Joseph fights dirty with follower over her husband, MC Fish

by YAGI1

Controversial Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph and a followers have taken to social media to fight dirty over her husband.

This comes after she shared a video of herself and her man.

Anita Joseph wrote; ” E CHOKE 🤣
Oh nooooo just found this video 😂🤣🤣
My hubby won’t even let my fans say helloooo”

He drunk-in-love husband reacted; “🤣🤣 I remember this day babe wey we wait for hours for boat because we wan go beach 🤣🤣🤣

Watch the video below:

A fan, Ogie Osagie, who wasn’t cool with the video commented; “Still let your husband get breathing space just chewgum him like bee nd honey…Na wa for who no get husband😂😂

Anita Joseph got angry and replied; “why will I give him breathing space,he’s not complaining to you weldone”

“na you I go chewgum ,you just wan write make e be like say you write shift”.

The fan then commented; “I hear but na the fact I talk.Merry Christmas👏

Anita replied; “handle ur woman how you want don’t come here and tell us how to live,maybe na ur truth u talk not urs,your so used to ur gf leaving u alone ntoooor that’s ur luck,that is if you even get woman nkoyeri.

Ogie commented: “Hmm wahala for who no marry actress Oga abeg flex yourself as she no want let u see road😂

Anita replied again; “let him see road oga will you mind ur biz or ur just too idle,did we marry to let see road e bi like say u be complete idiot abi I go soon block u as u no wan respect urself.”

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