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Album: Twiztid – Unlikely Prescription

by Oshesneh

Album: Twiztid – Unlikely Prescription Mp3 Download & Lyrics

Album: Twiztid – Unlikely Prescription Mp3 Download & Lyrics

an American hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan, Popularly known by there stage name Twiztid is whose lyrical style has been described as horrorcore, combining influence from horror films and comic books with more personal, introspective lyrics as well as other non-horror themes including smoking marijuana, sex, and politics. They’re Members out of the Twiztid Group Paul Robert Methric (born July 14, 1973) is an American rapper and producer from Detroit, Michigan, well known as Monoxide of the rap group Twiztid.

There Record Label’s Psychopathic Records/Majik Recordz n Majik Ninja Entertainment. They’re Origin is Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Following there last tracks “We don’t Die” and ” Story of our Lives” They started this year with dope Album “Unlikely Prescription” which combine 15 tracks.

Following their departure from the Psychopathic label in 2012, became independent artists and launched their own web store, Twiztid-shop.com. Twiztid fans, based in the Juggalo culture, are called the Family (or the Fam), which shares the band’s passion for horror and all things dark and sinister.

Download Track list Below:
  1. Twiztid – Corkscrew

  2. Twiztid – Twist & Shatter

  3. Twiztid – Broken Heart

  4. Twiztid – Confused

  5. Twiztid – Neon Vamp ft. Dani Filth

  6. Twiztid – Comes with an Apology

  7. Twiztid – Rose Petal

  8. Twiztid – Dead Instead

  9. Twiztid – Parasite

  10. Twiztid – Perfect Problem

  11. Twiztid – If I Get Things Right

  12. Twiztid – More Than a Memory

  13. Twiztid – Envy ft. Ice Nine Kills

  14. Twiztid – No Change ft. From Ashes to New

  15. Twiztid – World of Pretend


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