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Album: Tommy Genesis – Goldilocks X

by Oshesneh

Album: Tommy Genesis – Goldilocks X Mp3 Download & Lyrics

Album: Tommy Genesis – Goldilocks X Mp3 Download & Lyrics

The Canadian Rapper Genesis Yasmine Mohanraj, known by her stage name Tommy Genesis, is a Canadian rapper, model and visual artist. In 2016, Dazed magazine described her as “the internet’s most rebellious underground rap queen”. Her music incorporates experimental style and often sexual verses.

The Self-proclaimed “fetish rapper” Tommy Genesis is back with a bang Album “Goldilocks X” Which was release today which combine 12 Tracks.

Tommy Genesis will give her fan latest Rap ever in Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, and London between April 29 and May 4, ahead of the release of her studio album of the same name via Downtown Records tomorrow (September 10).

Tommy Genesis has shared for her new album, “Goldilocks X”, as well as a string of tour dates across the UK and Ireland next spring.

Download the Tracklist Below:

  1. Tommy Genesis – ​peppermint

  2. Tommy Genesis – ​kamikaze

  3. Tommy Genesis – ​a woman is a god

  4. ​Tommy Genesis – manifesto

  5. ​Tommy Genesis – wet

  6. ​Tommy Genesis – mmm

  7. ​Tommy Genesis – wild child

  8. ​Tommy Genesis – men

  9. ​Tommy Genesis – average

  10. ​Tommy Genesis – baby

  11. ​Tommy Genesis – fuck u u know you can’t make me cry

  12. ​Tommy Genesis – hurricane

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