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Album : Stayc – Stereotype


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STAYC is a South Korean girl group formed by High Up Entertainment. The group is composed of six members: Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J. They released their album which they named “Stereotype” this album contains 5 solid tracks with no features.

On September 6, STAYC held an online showcase for the release of their first mini album “STEREOTYPE.”

At the showcase, the girl group addressed how their previous comeback, “ASAP,” had launched their popularity around the world. Seeun said, “We were proud to have received more love than we expected. Thanks to everyone’s love, we were able to work hard at promoting. We want to show a good image with our ‘STEREOTYPE’ promotions as well.”

Sumin said, “Our past single albums focused on who STAYC was and what we were good at, while this first mini album contains social messages and themes.”

The title track, “STEREOTYPE,” showcases STAYC’s unique “high-teen” energy and elegance. It was the first track made for the group when they were settling their debut lineup. Seeun said, “This is a song that we received when we had been chosen for the debut lineup. It felt too much of a waste to keep it to ourselves and we wanted to share it with fans as soon as possible. It’s very meaningful for us to be releasing it now, and since we practiced it for so long, we have confidence in it.

Yoon added, “Our producer Black Eyed Pilseung directed the song so that our own colors shone through. I think that the vocal tone in ‘STEREOTYPE’ came out really well.” J added, “We tried a lot of diverse things within our signature sound. My part was one that everyone recorded, but I was fortunate enough to be chosen.”

Yoon said, “The key point for ‘STEREOTYPE’ is ‘reversal.’ That’s why our makeup is different on our right and left sides. One side shows the flashy outside, one side shows the pure inner side.”

About being called the representatives of fourth-generation girl groups, Sieun said, “We’re grateful to be called that. It gives us a sense of pressure to work to live up to that name, but it’s a happy pressure. We want to grow as STAYC so that we can repay our fans’ expectations.” Sieun added that the group’s goals were to win the rookie award at the end-of-year awards shows and get No. 1 on a music show.”

1. Track 1
5. Stereotype

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