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Album: Samantha Fish – Faster

by Oshesneh

Album: Samantha Fish – Faster Mp3 Download & Lyrics

Album: Samantha Fish – Faster Mp3 Download & Lyrics

Samantha Fish is an American singer/songwriter and Guitarist originally from Kansas City, Missouri. While often cited as a blues artist, Fish’s albums and live shows feature multiple genres, including rock, country, funk, bluegrass and ballads, Samantha Fish’s Back Again This year with New Album Which Combine 12th Track “Faster”.

Growing up, Amanda Fish used to lock herself in her room to sing. So, her younger sister Samantha Fish would lock herself in her room and play guitar. … The Amanda Fish Band performs regularly around town, and singer-guitarist Samantha Fish has been recording albums and touring nationally since 2009.

Samantha Fish accompanied by legendary drummer Josh Freese (Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, The Replacements) and bassist Diego Navaira of The Last Bandoleros, the result is a singular body of work both irresistibly galvanizing and emotionally raw.

Download the Tracklist Below:
  1. Samantha Fish – Faster
  2. Samantha Fish – All Ice No Whiskey
  3. Samantha Fish – Twisted Ambition
  4. Samantha Fish – Hypnotic
  5. Samantha Fish – Forever Together
  6. Samantha Fish – Crowd Control
  7. Samantha Fish – Imaginary War
  8. Samantha Fish – Loud
  9. Samantha Fish – Better Be Lonely
  10. Samantha Fish – So-Called Lover
  11. Samantha Fish – Like A Classic
  12. Samantha Fish – All The Words

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