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Album: Mariah the Scientist – RY RY World

by YAGI1

American singer-songwriter. She is signed to RCA Records and Canadian rapper Tory Lanez’s record label One Umbrella. The Atlanta singer-songwriter Mariah the Scientist has returned more introspective and experimental as ever with her new album Ry Ry World. The 23-year-old anesthesiologist-turned-R&B singer manifests herself into the vision of who she wants to be with her sophomore album, showcasing her versatility as she strays further from the theme and sounds of her first album. Mariah’s certainly evolved with Ry Ry World, trading in emotional ballads and dark writing with trap-inspired bangers and sensual R&B jams. With the help of Young Thug and Lil Baby, this song is certain to prove more commercially successful than her previous release and give her the spotlight she always knew she deserved

After prepping fans with singles like “2 You” and “Aura,” Mariah the Scientist has unleashed her new album RY RY WORLD. The anticipated project boasts features from Lil Baby and Young Thug and is paired with her brand new visual for “Aura.” The new video shows a continuous cycle of Mariah running through a snow-filled field while getting shot at by arrows as her sensual lyrics play:


“When combined with the unvarnished quality of Mariah’s voice, the cumulative effect is mesmerizing,” Pitchfork wrote about Mariah’s major label debut, Master, in 2019– something that she’s perfected on her new release. Her vocal chops often resemble the airiness of an Ariana Grande, though with the power of her contemporary Summer Walker.


As we step into Ry Ry World, we step into a new state of mind, and perspectives shift when thinking about love and what that means to the individual. The former biology major lets you know that not every song will put you in a state of agony.


Ry Ry World truly has something to offer everyone- alternating tack by track between slow songs and faster trap sounds. Going seamlessly from impressive singing performances to charismatic melodic rap verses, she never fails to adjust to the vibe of an instrumental and propel it forward. Even more impressive is her ability to shape features from some of rap’s leading men to fit her song. Looking for the rare R&B feature from Lil Baby, look no further than Mariah’s track “Always and Forever.” Same goes for Young Thug on Ry Ry World’s “Walked In”.


Mariah the Scientist Is an R&B Upstart Making Her Way Through a Dumb Man’s World, The young singer is bringing a perspective that the genre needs. She begins to point out personal landmarks. There’s Carey Hall, the dorm where she used to live. There’s the house across the lawn where the owners had huskies. There are the huskies on the porch. There’s the flat building where she took music classes. As she continues this blasé tour through her former life, it feels like she’s visiting a place she last saw decades ago. But she only dropped out of Saint John’s in 2018. If she hadn’t, she’d be another senior headed to the library.

RY RY World Album Tracklist:

1. Impalas & Air Force 1s

2. Aura

3. Walked In feat. Young Thug


4. RIP

5. 2 You Brain Maybe

6. Always n Forever feat. Lil Baby

7. All For Me

8. Revenge

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