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Album : IllBliss & Illgod – Fortem (EP)

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IllBliss & Illgod – Fortem (EP). . . Nigerian Legendary rapper and songwriter Illbliss he has finally launched another collaborative project with one of the talented Nigerian act, IllGod, they join force together to drop an Album which they named as “Fortem” this album contains 5 solid tracks on a song called Port Harcourt they teamed up with Dr Barz, Timi Key And Spaceman.

The 5 track EP is helmed by Illgod , a Port Harcourt based producer, with rapper Illbliss on the vocals. The EP also has Timi KeiDr Barz, and Spaceman with featured guest appearances.

Illbliss is a respected veteran rapper with over 15 years in the music industry and has an enviable discography; Dat Ibo Boy (2009), Oga Boss (2012), and the recent Illy Chapo (2020) placing him among the top echelon, and at the summit of Nigerian hip-hop music.

Illgod has built a reputation as a distinctive beatsmith with a prolific work ethic within Nigerian hip-hop circles and Port Harcourt in particular. He has collaborated with the likes of Mode NineTimi Kei among others. His prodigious output has yielded albums such as the critically acclaimed “Soulsoup” with Timi Kei, and “Incipit Vita Nova” with Xplain D Don.

Illgod’s blend of soul samples and boom-bap production makes FORTEM a must listen. Illbliss is at home with Illgod‘s beats; both artists have a chemistry that brings out the best in each other, and the songs are an eargasm. Illbliss rides each track with a renewed energy and commendable display of lyricism that is grounded, passionate and produces a head-nodding experience. Illgod’s melodious, sample-based beats play like an instrumental that could be eaten raw even without any vocals on it. With beats this good, why won’t you be inspired to spit your best?

Illbliss understands the Nigerian musical landscape. His laidback, boss-style flow which aptly melds English with Igbo-raps plays to his strengths and fanbase on tracks like “Kachimsideh” and “Lyrikal.” But it is on “36 States” where he delves into social commentary, comparing the 36 states to a criminal corporation with 36 branches; and on “Anymore” where Oga Boss’ rhyming and lyricism is on display, that are the undoubted gems and highlights of FORTEM. “Port Harcourt” is a bar-fest with Dr BarzTimi KeiSpaceman and Illgod himself trading bars as an ode to the city of Port Harcourt.

Bliss and Illy met through a chance meeting courtesy of the late respected hip-hop legend B. Elect, (shouted out on the project) who introduced a young Illgod to Illbliss . That meeting is the reason we have FORTEM today.


Illbliss & Illgod – Lyrikal – DOWNLOAD Mp3

Illbliss & Illgod – Kachimsideh – DOWNLOAD Mp3

Illbliss & Illgod – Anymore – DOWNLOAD Mp3

Illbliss & Illgod – 36 States – DOWNLOAD Mp3

Illbliss & Illgod – Port Harcourt (ft Dr BarzTimi Key & Spaceman) – DOWNLOAD Mp3


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