Akademiks’ feud against his foes in the industry continued this week on his Twitch stream. This time, he reignited his feud with Mysonne who has previously described the media personality as a “cancer” to hip-hop culture. In Akademiks’ latest stream, he claimed Mysonne was a “bum ass” rapper” before essentially saying that he could put money on the rapper’s head if he wanted to. “Mysonne, until you stop me, I will never stop violating you,” Ak said during the stream.Mysonne has since fired back at Akademiks during a live stream of his own. While on IG live, Mysonne said that he would smack Akademiks for his recent comments. “You can’t talk crazy. You can’t call me bums and call me clowns and say that you could put money on my head and tell me to suck your dick and pull up. You can’t say that to me,” Mysonne said. “And the minute you decide you can you have to deal with the consequences of saying that to me.”