Turkey own goal could be the worst EVER!

Turkey’s Samet Akaydin scored a calamitous own goal against Portugal after his no-look back pass rolled by stranded goalkeeper Altay Bayindir.

Not long after Bernardo Silva’s 21st-minute opener for Portugal, an unaware Akaydin inexplicably passed the ball back towards goal, just when Manchester United stopper Bayindir had come to clear the danger. Despite a last-ditch effort to stop the ball rolling into the net from the Red Devils man, Portugal doubled their lead in the 28th minute.

It was a nightmare scenario for Turkey. Having secured an impressive 3-1 victory against Georgia last time out, they were gifting opportunities and goals to Portugal in their second game. Indeed, following this comical own goal, they also allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to race through and square unchallenged to Bruno Fernandes to make it 3-0 and game over.



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