Rafinha Attacks Mbappe!

Stormy statements from the Brazilian star

Barcelona’s Brazilian winger Rafinha responded in the press conference to Kylian Mbappe’s previous statements regarding the difficulty of the Euro and its strength compared to the World Cup.

Rafinha took advantage of the same press conference to respond to his country’s legend, Ronaldinho, after the latter announced a boycott of Samba and not watching the team in the Copa America. The Blaugrana player revealed that he had requested tickets from Vinicius to watch the matches!

Regarding Mbappé’s previous statements, Rafinha said: “He says the Euro is more difficult than the World Cup? Unfortunately for him and for us, he lost the World Cup against a team from South America.”

He continued: “I want to watch a European team compete in the qualifiers on the stadiums that we play on.”

Mbappe’s statements brought him violent criticism from several players, most notably Argentine stars Lionel Messi and Leandro Paredes recently, against whom he lost the last World Cup final in Qatar.

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